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What is Disc Golf?

Disc golf is played like traditional golf. However, instead of balls and sticks, flying discs, sometimes called frisbees, are used.

You can find detailed information on disc golf and necessary equipment on Brock Highland website, so you can have the whole picture and find out what you need in order to play this interesting sport.

The objective is the same as in golf, that is, to complete each hole in as few shots as possible.

At the start of each hole, a puck is thrown from the tee, a flat, compact surface, in the direction of the basket, with the ultimate goal of scoring it.

As you progress down the hole, each shot must be taken from where the previous shot landed, shooting the same or a different disc.

Trees, bushes, and changes in terrain function as obstacles that add challenge to hole development.

Approaching the basket, a putt is released. By getting the disc into the basket, the hole is completed.

The biggest differences from traditional golf are that, in general, disc golf courses are free and the necessary equipment is much more affordable, so it is better suited to people of all ages, genders and economic status.

Who Plays?

Disc golf is suitable for people of all ages, from boys and girls to the elderly.

As it is very easy to start playing, everyone can start without having to learn a lot of techniques, and improve according to their abilities and desire to learn.

There are events and tournaments for people of all levels, from beginners to professionals.

Where can I play?

Disc golf is a very widespread sport in countries like the United States, Finland, Estonia, Denmark and other European countries. In Spain, it is an emerging sport.

What Discs are used?

Disc golf discs are smaller than those used in Ultimate or recreational frisbees and meet PDGA standards for shape, size and weight.

There are different types of discs depending on the distance and their behavior. Typically, a novice player starts with a 3-disc pack that includes a driver (long distance), a mid – range (medium distance), and a putter (for shooting).

You can buy them in online stores such as CRK Disc Golf, Euskadisc Golf, Hole 19 or Discsport; or talk to a member of the club if you want to try them before, sending a message from the Contact section or through social networks.

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