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The 8 Habits Of The Elegant

Learn how to look handsome to impress your partner.

Fashion is unpredictable and it’s not easy to keep up. Although you’ve tried the latest trends, the look that you truly love is timeless and transcends fashion trends. You want to look handsome. Do you think Jim would be moved by your new Christian Louboutin Alpha Loafers that you purchased at a sale?

We have to say that Jim won’t notice the beautiful loafers with red soles, but that there are simpler (and more affordable) ways to create your own timeless style. Dockers collaborated with us to find out the best fashion habits for timeless elegance.

1. Keep in mind that less is better

Brian Sacawa is the author and creative director for He Spoke Style men’s styling blog. He says: “Men are more aware of the latest fashions than ever before. This can lead to a serious competitive drive for wardrobe matters.

Sacawa says that men who are in control of their emotions should not get involved in embroidery. A well-tailored navy suit with simple white buttons, a folded handkerchief in your jacket pocket and delicate folds in the sleeves will be more flattering than mixing wild trends from Pitti Uomo’s street styling photos. .

2. Keeps a close relationship with your trusted tailor

Even if a garment is perfect, it can ruin it. Men who recently lost a lot of weight suddenly find this happens.

Fix your clothes. Don’t be content with wearing pre-made clothes. Take measurements of the largest parts of your body (arms and shoulders, legs length, waist, and legs) and give them to a trusted tailor. Talk to him to determine which line you desire. You must return all the clothes you have taken as if they were made to your exact measurements.

3. Do not be afraid of “dry clean only”

Begin with the shoes, and work your way up.

All these fabrics, including suede, leather, and cashmere, are beautiful. However, they do require gentle dry cleaning. They don’t need to be washed every time they are put on. Most clothing should be worn between two and five times before it is put to the washing machine.

4. The basics are the most important thing

You learn quickly

Khaki pants, simple street clothes, a white button down shirt, an analog wristwatch, close-fitting leather shoes for dress, well-tailored suits, solid-colored tie, and a briefcase made of leather are all acceptable options. While it’s fun to experiment with new trends this season, keep in mind that these items will soon be out of fashion. You can combine the basics that will never go out-of-fashion with accessories that are fashionable and you’ll be able to wear them correctly.

5. A branded scent

This man smells incredible!

Scent is the key to sophistication. A flawless look is only possible with the right shoes and scent. This is another way to add a personal touch to your ensemble. Be careful. Be careful not to use too much cologne. It is best to start with lighter, more delicate scents and then work your way up.

6. Understanding the relationship between quality and price

Dress like Whitney Young if in doubt

Let’s tackle a math problem. Jack purchases Allen Edmond wingtip Oxfords for $ 300. They last seven years and Jack wears them every other year. Bill, on the other hand, buys $ 70 Skechers that change every eight months. Who is better? We will help you. Jack is the clear winner. Allen Edmond shoes are superior to Skechers. Additionally, higher quality clothing and accessories lasts longer. It will cost $ 20 to replace oxfords that start to wear down after seven years.

7. Learn the rules to avoid breaking them

Pink jacket For her

The most common rules for men are to wear dark socks and dress shoes with dark pants. Sacawa says, “If we all followed the rules to a T, we’d all be very similar.” “The way a man subtly or not subtly breaks the rules is a major factor in determining his personal style.”

8. Find inspiration in unexpected places

You can be closer to reality.

Don’t believe that a woman’s closet is empty of men. There are many options for finding the perfect briefcase and your favorite denim jacket.

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