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Low Cost Decoration for Winter Bedrooms

One of the expressions most used in recent years is that of “Low Cost”, or what is the same: “at low cost”, “cheap”, or “economic”. This expression is used in various fields such as decoration, fashion, business or travel. In today’s post, we are going to focus on interior design and we will talk about low-cost decoration for winter bedrooms.

This trend is sometimes linked to the terms reuse, recycle and DIY or “handmade”. Simply put: give a new meaning to something that you have at home, restore or create something with your hands to manifest the dream environment without having to spend a lot of money.

You don’t have to give up a different, practical, unique, elegant bedroom that doesn’t hurt your pocket.

The low-cost decoration is also characterized by finding the pieces of furniture you need at a very low price. They are essentially simple objects, and it is up to you to be creative, combine them, and incorporate elements that reflect who you are.

We can find a lot of ideas on how to decorate our bedrooms at a low cost. A great example is a simple bedroom in which an old chair, an old floor lamp and a donkey to hang clothes have been reused. The mirror is made by hand with a belt. Comfort, design and economy are not mutually exclusive terms.

In addition, this double bedroom was expensive to furnish, leaving it bright and harmonious.

In the internet we can find many ideas for our bedroom, which cover from creating our own handmade headboards with an old piece of wood, sponge and cloth, to using branches as coat racks or trunks as tables.

And the number of things we can do with empty fruit boxes!

In the Mummy&Cute blog they suggest stylish drawers for toys, shelves for books, side tables, etc. If the box is for a child’s bedroom, draw something funny or use tall fruit boxes. We already have a box for collecting toys. If what we need is a side table, how about we put a vertical fruit box and customize it however we want? Create your own shelves by placing fruit boxes of different sizes and heights. Paint them and put them on the wall as you like. A very economical idea, with which you can save a lot of money and that gives a very original and personal touch.

Some time ago, someone gave us very valuable ideas on how to decorate low-cost bedrooms. We found some fantastic and cheap ideas using pallets to create shoe cabinets, shelves, headboards or even beds.

A friend who defines herself as a person who likes to enjoy the small things in life and her passion for “decoration” is convinced that with not much money you can get gorgeous designs and charming places.

This shoe rack will help the little ones and not-so-little ones in the house to have their slippers and shoes organized.

And if we want to continue ordering, painting a pallet in the color we want, in this case white, we can have a practical shelf where we can keep our books close at hand.

As a headboard or a bedframe, pallets can be of significant help. If you’re handy, you can paint something on them or put small vinyl on them to match the sleeper.

If you need to organize your clothes, you can create your own “closet” or “donkey” to hang your hangers. We found this original idea somewhere in the net, created with a ladder and a stick.

It does not offer low-cost decoration tricks, or, in the same vein, some tips and creative ways to save money. In Anglo-Saxon countries, this type of trick is known as ” Life Hacking “. And the reality is that having a beautiful house and to our liking is within our reach. It is as easy as daring to combine styles, different fabric textures, accessories and furniture.

As we mentioned at the beginning, low-cost decoration is based on finding cheap basic furniture and customizing it to your liking with objects created by you or restored. The point is that, if you have to buy some basic furniture for the bedroom or invest a lot of money, it makes more sense to spend it on a bed and mattress.

A comfortable box spring and mattress will allow you to enjoy everything else created for you much more, as well as take care of your health. As you know, rest is essential to be able to lead a full and healthy life.

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