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How To Go About Finding The Right Removals Company


It can be a life-changing experience to move to a different location. It can be thrilling, especially if it means better living conditions, such as buying a home for your family. It can be stressful, especially when you’re moving long distance.

It is important to organize your belongings and ensure that your family is comfortable. Also, plan how you will adjust to your new home. It’s not easy to move. You have to plan, pack, and transport your belongings. You can save yourself the hassle by hiring movers.

It isn’t easy to choose a moving company. You will have to deal with delays, damages, and overcharging if you hire the wrong company. If you want to feel secure, make sure that you hire the right mover. Here are some tips to help you find the best moving company.

Request Referrals

Asking for recommendations from family and friends is the best way to find a moving company. You can also ask your realtor for recommendations on a moving company. You can ask your family and friends to recommend a company that they have worked with in the past and warn you against companies you shouldn’t hire.

Customers who are happy with their experience will always recommend companies they have worked with. Referrals are always honest, which is a great thing. Social media can be a great place to find reviews about moving companies if you don’t have any referrals. It’s easy to find reviews from customers about a moving company.

American Moving and Storage Association is a great place to find movers recommended. Ask any moving company for references. Talk to at least two customers. Do not trust movers who refuse to provide references.

Verify Company Credentials

You can’t trust anyone to tell you they aren’t licensed or have no business insurance. You must verify the credibility of any information they give you. They will likely have their Department of Transportation (DOT), number on their website if they are licensed. This license is used to identify all commercial vehicles that transport passengers or haul cargo in interstate commerce.

A Federal Motor and Carrier Safety and Administration number should be provided to the mover. To verify the legitimacy of your chosen company, check both numbers. You must understand the differences in requirements between states if you are considering moving to that state. While some states do not regulate their movers in certain cases, others do. Before you start a move, make sure to check with your state.

Get a thorough estimate from your mover

Before giving you a quote, a good mover will take an inventory of all your belongings. The company can use this inventory to determine the weight and volume of your belongings in order to give you a quote. They will inspect your garages, drawers, cabinets, and bookcases. Based on the item’s weight and the dimensions of the truck, they will give you an estimate.

You can either take the inventory in person or use a virtual survey. When estimating you, they will also take into account whether you are moving locally or long-distance. If you have any questions about the estimate, talk to your mover.

Avoid Large Deposit Requirements Companies

A moving company can ask for a percentage before they start the work. It’s not right for them to ask for a large deposit, or even the entire amount. Any amount exceeding 20% of the total cost for moving should be considered a red flag.

Many moving companies do not require a down payment to move your belongings. Reputable companies will require you to pay when your items are delivered.

Make sure to use your credit card if you are going to make a downpayment. If something goes wrong, you have the right to challenge the charge. Credit cards are a great way to protect yourself against fraudulent activity. You’ll either lose control if you make a large down payment or you’ll be able to see your belongings.

Beware of Additional Charges

If you live in a 2-story building, some movers may charge extra. You will be charged extra if they need to climb to the 10th or 11th floors to move you out of your old house or to move you into your new one. Moving to remote areas will increase the cost of your mover.

The best time to purchase a house and move is the off-peak season, when prices are lower. To avoid surprises, you will need to discuss these costs with your mover. So you are prepared, ask your mover about any additional fees.

You may also opt to skip additional fees like packing fees. This does however mean that you are taking on risks and the mover is not responsible for any damage. You can request that your mover pack for you. However, additional fees will be charged for packing materials and labor. It is always a good idea for movers to offer packing and unpacking services.

Keep your eyes open for red flags

Some moving companies are scammers and not all are legitimate. While some companies are more trustworthy than others, they won’t ask for cash deposits. Others will ask for lots of money. You should shop around if they seem too eager to get your money.

Based on their estimates, professionals can be distinguished from amateur movers. Some even estimate the cost without seeing your belongings or asking questions. Others will arrive late at your home to give estimates, which can be frustrating. You can also continue looking for better movers if the moving company doesn’t have a van.

A long-distance moving business without insurance or a license is another red flag to be aware of. Find out if your state requires their movers be licensed if you are moving to Atlanta. Even if they aren’t licensed, make sure they have insurance to cover your belongings.

Be wary of moving companies offering blank contracts. Get all fees and estimates in writing. Only sign the contract if you are satisfied.

Compare Multiple Quotes Before Hiring

You don’t have to accept the lowest quote from a company even if they are your best recommendation. Instead, look at what other companies have to offer. You might get free packing if your next company hires you. Comparing multiple quotes from different companies allows you to compare them and make the right decision.

Your choice should not be based on price alone, but also the other factors. Professional movers can be very different in terms of price, reliability and quality. Apart from their rates, consider what the company can offer you.


It can be a difficult task to move, but it doesn’t have to be if you work with a reliable company. A professional moving company will ease the load and give you peace of mind. A professional moving company can help you move from one state to another, or locally.


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