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How To Go About Selecting A Suitable Storage Company


Self-storage is a great option for anyone who needs to temporarily move to a smaller home that doesn’t allow for your furniture. These are the top things to look at when selecting a self-storage business.

Calculate how much storage space you will need

You don’t want to pay for empty storage space. These are approximate estimates to help you figure out how much storage space is needed.

Studio flat, or bed-sit. Storing the average contents of a studio flat/bed-sit takes approximately 40-50 square feet. This space would allow you to store a dozen medium-sized boxes, plus a double bed, a chair, table, wardrobe and carpet.

A two-bedroom house or apartment – The average house or apartment’s contents will need to fit in an area of 80-110 square feet. This will allow you to store more furniture, including beds, wardrobes and carpets.

Three-bedroom house – A three-bedroom house will need between 140 and 190 square feet. This will give you more space to store your furniture in the third bedroom, and allow for additional living space downstairs.

You might need to get rid items and clutter during the process. You can give your items to charity or, if they are valuable, sell them online. If you just want to get rid of it responsibly and safely, take a look online for a reputable removal service. These services remove junk and bulky waste from any location on your property. Also, they can arrange for same-day collection in most cities, and 95% of the waste is diverted from landfill.

Packing your furniture

You can use a professional removal company to pack your items. They will provide all necessary boxes and materials. You will need to follow these steps if you are doing your own packing:

  • Make sure your packaging boxes are sturdy enough
  • For easy reference, number your boxes and make a separate list with the contents.
  • Make sure that no box is too heavy for you to lift safely
  • For easy transport and storage, disassemble larger furniture pieces.
  • All breakables should be individually wrapped using bubble wrap or paper.
  • Use bedding and linen to protect fragile items
  • Small boxes are best for books and magazines, as they can all be quite heavy together.
  • Before you move into storage, empty, clean and defrost any white goods or cookers

Move your furniture to storage

You can decide if you want to store your items yourself or hire a removals company.

A surveyor will usually be sent by a removal company to determine the size of your vehicle.

You should make sure that you rent the right-sized van if you plan to do it yourself. It may be more affordable to rent a smaller van for a few trips if the trip is local. To save time and fuel, it may be cheaper to make one long trip if the journey is very long.

Check to see if you will have access to your storage items

Check that the access availability of the storage company you are interested in getting a quote for is suitable to your needs. Some storage facilities have a limit on the hours and days they are open. You may be allowed access after hours but they will often charge an additional fee. You should choose a storage company that has flexible opening hours if you feel you will need to visit the facility often.

You can place larger boxes and heavier items at the bottom of your storage unit. Be careful not to stack heavy items too low

Place any boxes or other items that you might need frequently at the front of your unit.

To keep your items clean, cover them with a dustsheet.

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