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How To Discover Your Talent

Every person has a unique set of talents. To reach your full potential, you should discover your talents and explore them. So… how do we discover our greatest talent?

A company that I was involved with was robbed of $ 90 million. I am terrible at judging people. There are certain things I can’t learn. People like me too much. It is difficult for me to judge people no matter what I do. This is why I seek out people who can judge people and ask them for their help. Do not force yourself to learn something that you do not want or aren’t naturally gifted in. What’s the role of talent? It is very small. It must start somewhere. Talent is the seed for skill.

How can you tell if you are gifted? If you had a passion for something as young as ten years. If you have dreams about it. You can read more about it. You will discover your talents by reading the following. Trust me when I tell you that everyone has a talent for different things. Over the past 20 years, I have always wanted to master certain skills.

Writing, programming and business skills (leadership sales negotiation, decision making), comedy and games. This is why I created a ten-step learning method.

1. Do what you love

If you don’t begin with “I love” it, then everyone will eventually get over the “I dislike it” or “I like it”. This universal rule applies to all.

He was one of the first to cross the Arctic tundra in temperatures below -60 degrees. Rest remained in the East African Savannah.

When I first wrote the “Hello World” computer program, it was a dream of computers. I woke up at four in the morning to return to the computer lab and create larger programs.

I began writing every day when I was a teenager. I wrote all day. I couldn’t stop writing. Different authors were the only thing that I wanted to talk about with people. When I was 10, I wrote a gossip column about a fifth-grade classmate. I read every Judy Blume book. He read every book he could. It was a great book. My friends were bored with my writing and soon I felt lonely. Except for when I was writing.

2. Learn more

Bobby Fischer wasn’t good at chess. Although he was gifted, nobody paid much attention. He disappeared for one year at the age of twelve or thirteen. It was in his twenties that he did it again. At 13 years old, he became the most skilled chess player in America, won the American championship and was the youngest grandmaster in the entire world. It happened. He was always wandering and hardly played.

He did however do two things:

He reviewed all of the games from the previous century. The XIX. He was well-known for using all the old plays when he returned to his business. However, he had made improvements to them. It was difficult to understand how to stop these improvements. Spassky became the world champion after he pulled out his 19th century arsenal in 1972, the last World Championship game. Spassky needed to win in order to keep the game going. Fischer had to tie for the title. Spassky began with a very modern attack move (“La Siciliana”) All the commentators gasped at the sight around move 13. Fischer subtly altered the play to a very traditional 19th-century play called “The Scottish Game”. That was it.

He was able to read Russian chess magazines after learning enough Russian. The top 20 world players were all Russians at that time. The Americans didn’t have anything to do. Fischer began to study Russian games, while the Americans were using styles and plays that the Russians knew how to defeat. In the 1960s, Fischer won the United States Championship. It was a landslide victory. The key to becoming a great player is history and studying the best players. Even if I have a moderate talent,

3. It’s possible to do it, but not too harshly.

You must be a programmer, entrepreneur, or writer if you want to succeed. Things go wrong. This is why quality is more important than quantity in the beginning. We all learn from the mistakes we make. Quantity is the key to building. You can see more if you look at something 1000 times. The key rule to happiness is not to be “excellent”, but to “grow.” You can reach your natural level by simply “trying”. You will be unhappy if you stop growing.

4. Locate a teacher

I will not learn Spanish if I attempt to learn it by myself. When I go out with an Argentinean friend, and also get married, I learn more Spanish. I am a chess player, writer, programmer, and businessman. I try to find someone who is better than I am and set aside a week each week to ask lots and questions. I also have them do homework and look for my errors and tell me what I did wrong.

Find a teacher for everything you love. It will help you learn 10x faster. You will actually learn 10 times more if you do everything on this list. This means that if you complete everything on the list, you’ll learn 10 billion times more than any other person. This is how you can excel at something.

5. Learn history and the present.

Programming language is a great way to become a programmer. Learn 1st and 0s. Learn the history of Computer Science and how to create an Operating System.

Read good books from the 19th-century if you want to be a better writer. Read Hemingway, Virginia Woolf and The Beats. These are works that have stood the test. They are among the most admired books in the world, and they have survived the test of time before millions of readers. To find out what you missed, read the reviews of these books. This is as important as your initial reading.

You can study economics by reading the biographies Rockefeller, Carnegie and the first Amsterdam Stock Exchange. Also, learn about the junk bond boom, 1990s, and the economic crisis. All Depressions. Every depression has had every business. Peter Thiel’s “Zero To One” is a great read.

CNBC’s “The Benefits” section has more information. Learn more about Steve Jobs. In “The End of Power,” learn about Kodak’s fall. Do not read self-help books for business. They are ineffective.

You are about enter an amazing field: the field of innovation modern society has created. Do not read the boring books published last year. Do more. Read about the inventions and people who have made the world what is today. Read about Henry Ford’s three-car company creation process and why “three,” is his most important number. Learn how Ray Kroc’s Franchising Technique helped to create the largest chain of restaurants in the world. Learn how Coca-Cola is the largest beverage company on the planet, despite doing nothing. Note the lessons you have learned from each reading.

6. Start with easy projects

Tony Robbins said that he was scared at his first job as a teacher. He was required to teach a group Marines how to shoot better. He said, “I had never fired any gun in my entire life.” After studying a lot with professionals and then inventing a technique that gave him the highest scores from all his marksmanship classes, he was able to fire a gun. He moved the target closer. He placed it five feet away from them. The targets were hit by all of them. He moved them slowly until they were at the distance he wanted. They continued to shoot at the targets. Before launching his airline, Richard Branson published a magazine. Before his team created Windows, Bill Gates wrote BASIC.

EL James, and yes, I’m including him here), wrote the Twilight fanfiction before he wrote “50 Shades of Gray.” Ernest Hemingway didn’t think he could ever write a novel. He wrote many short stories. Before creating search engines, programmers write “Hello World!” programs.

Many great chess players recommend that you first study the ending of a game (when there are only a few pieces on the board), before moving onto the next part of the game. This will give you confidence, teach subtleties, and gives you a greater feeling of growth and improvement.

7. Learn from your mistakes

It all went to waste the other day. All of it. All my books were thrown away and donated. All my clothes were thrown away. I got rid of old computers. Dishes that I have never used I threw out. I toss sheets that I had never used. I got rid of furniture, four boxes of books, the TV and old papers. All. I was determined to get rid of everything. It was possible.

It was a novel I had written in 1991, which is 24 years ago. It was terrible. It was the first time I had read it in 24 years. I analyzed what was wrong: unlikable characters, obvious plots, deus ex Machina everywhere.

I was told a story by someone about Amy Schumer, a comedian who records all her performances. He then returns to his bedroom and continues to study the performance one by one. You might think that I should have stayed for another quarter of an second. She is determined to be the best comedian. Take the time to watch all their performances. If I lose, I watch the computer game. Each play is viewed and compared to what the computer shows. I then reflect on what I thought about that bad play. A company I invested in recently went under. Although it was painful, I must continue to monitor the situation and find out what went wrong. What was my mistake? He would write down the details at each level and where he could have done more to help.

It is not because you don’t like the area you are making mistakes that you don’t want to fix it. He asks the wrong questions. Instead of asking good questions, he asks “Where have my mistakes been and how can they be corrected?” Asking good questions about yourself and your work will make you better than those who only ask the wrong questions. Example: After appearing on television, I hate seeing myself. I’ve never done. It’s something I won’t be able to do again.

8. You are the average of 5 people around.

Be open to all commercial, literary and artistic situations. Individuals rarely make progress. As a group, you can improve.

The Beats: Jack Kerouac and Allen Ginsberg. William Burroughs is also included.

Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and Ted Leonsis were the programmers. Paul Allen, Steve Wozniak and a dozen other people came from Homebrew Club.

The “art scene of the fifties: Jasper Johns and De Kooning, Pollack, and others. They all lived on the same street in New York City.

YouTube, Palantir and Tesla were all founded by the “PayPal mafia.”

These people could have done it all on their own. Humans are tribal mammals. To improve, we need to work together. Spend a lot of time with the best group and you will see it grow from a “scene”, to being THE scene. They are willing to challenge one another, work together, share their knowledge, admire each other’s work and eventually outperform each others.

9. Do it often

It is more important to do what you do every day than what you do once in awhile. A friend of mine wanted to be a better painter. He believed he needed to be in Paris with the best conditions. He never made it to Paris. She’s now sitting in a cubicle, under fluorescent lights filling out papers every day.

Connect every day, write every day. Touch every day. Live healthy every day. Your life is measured by how many times you do something. Will he have done it twice before he dies? Or 500,000.

10. You should look for a diabolical plan

Finally, the student has successfully completed the master’s program. My first hedge fund manager hates me. My fund was created and the manager of hers failed. But how do you go about it? Find your voice after all the above. The world will be able to hear what you have to say, even if it doesn’t know how. It may be difficult for your friends and teachers to accept that voice. If you are surrounded by people who love you and respect you, you will be able to encourage this new voice. There are no new ideas, as the saying goes. There are. You have all the best ideas from the past mixed with the new and beautiful you.

It is now your turn to change the world, teach, advise, create and innovate.

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