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Find Out How Much It Costs To Hire A Removals Company

The government recommends that you hire a removals company as soon as the lockdown measures are lifted and you can move in your home. How much does a removal cost? What are the possible additional charges for packing and unpacking What about any unexpected costs that may arise if you move is delayed? Here are some tips and tricks to help you reduce your moving costs.

It can be very stressful to move. How much will it cost?

Here are some guidelines on how to minimize the chance of expensive delays and extra costs.

2020 How much does removals cost?

Costs for moving house vary depending on how big your house is, how much stuff you need to move and how far it has to be taken.

Removal companies will charge an hour if you move locally, either within the same town or to another city. It is not common for removal companies to charge you by the weight of your belongings and distance traveled.

You will usually be required to pay a minimum of two men and a minimum time charge of two hours. The cost of your move will increase depending on the time it takes and how many men you need.

Removal cost calculator

Get quotes to find out how much it will cost to remove your belongings. To calculate your removal costs, you will need to enter the dimensions of your property and your current postcode. Then, you will receive five estimates from licensed removal companies.

Removals from coronavirus

Even with current coronavirus restrictions, you can still move your house in the UK. To discuss availability, you will need to request quotes from removals companies as soon as possible.

Removals companies will come to your house or can use Facetime and WhatsApp video to show you around the place. This allows them to provide a quote for you without having to visit you.

The government recommends that you remove your items on the following day:

Your household should do as much packing as possible. If this is not possible you should contact your removal companies in advance.

The government requests that you clean your belongings with standard household cleaning products whenever possible before they are handled or removed by anyone else, including removal companies.

You should make sure that the crew is not in your home while they are there. Also, try to keep as far away from them as possible.

To reduce the chance of spreading the coronavirus, all parties should wash their hands thoroughly and avoid touching any surfaces.

While you shouldn’t provide refreshments, it is important that they have access to hand wash facilities. Separate towels or paper towels are preferred. After washing, dispose of them safely.

How much do long-distance removals cost?

Your removal costs will likely be higher if you’re embarking on a larger move. Long distance moving costs can be difficult to estimate. A fixed price will be charged based on how much you are moving, the distance and the size of the property.

Moving a 1-bedroom apartment across the country would cost approximately £450, while a 4-bedroom property could cost about £1,000.

To get removal quotes from regulated companies for long-distance moves, you can use our removal cost calculator.

Removal survey

It is important to get at least two firms to conduct a pre-move survey. They will then send a removals expert to inspect your property and evaluate your needs. The assessor will be able provide a binding, more accurate quote for your removals.

The amount of stuff you need to move determines the price of your removal. A removal company can inspect your home to determine what needs to move. A removal company can inspect your property to determine if there are any accessibility issues or items that require extra care.

If you are accompanied by a removals assessor, make sure to point out any items that you don’t have with you so the quote doesn’t include them.

You should inform them about items that cannot be seen, such as the contents of your shed or loft. This will ensure there are no surprises on moving day. To determine how much stuff you will need to move, use our cost-of-moving calculator.

How much do you plan to move?

This is the most important question every removal company will need to know. There are no two properties alike, so a quote cannot be based solely on the size of your property. A minimalist could live in a four-bedroom home with less belongings than a hoarder living in a one bedroom flat.

It is important to provide accurate information to the removals company about how much you will need to move. This will ensure that your quote is accurate and will avoid any unpleasant surprises on the day. If you don’t accurately estimate the items, the removal company could charge extra for overrunning the time. You could even run out of space in your removals truck.

You can use our removals calculator to calculate how much it will cost to move by breaking it down by room.

Don’t forget to include the contents of your shed, garage, loft, and garage when determining how much stuff you own.

Cost of additional removals

You should also consider additional services when calculating the cost of removals. All of these will increase the cost of moving, so be careful about which services you choose.

Materials for packing. Make sure you check the price includes any packing materials. Ask the company what it would cost you to buy them. Compare that to the cost of purchasing them elsewhere. It may be cheaper to search for boxes on eBay and Facebook Marketplace.

Service for packing. Are you looking for a removal company to pack your belongings? Although this can make your life easier, it comes with a cost. Depending on the amount of items you need packed, expect to pay approximately PS250. For fragile items, you may be charged an additional fee.

Service for unpacking. Many removal companies will move your furniture and boxes into the rooms that you specify. Extra charges will be charged if you require them to unpack your boxes. Many firms won’t unpack your items and will not put them away.

Crating. Crating is a good option if you have expensive items like antiques or electronic devices that require special packing. You can pack them in specially made wooden crates. Before you decide to buy, check out the cost.

Re-assembly and dismantling. Unless otherwise instructed, removal companies expect all items to be in good condition when they arrive. If you require them to move large furniture like beds or flat-packs, you will need to let them know before they arrive. This will cost an average of £125 more.

Additional equipment. Extra equipment may be required if you have large or awkward items that cannot fit down the stairs. A cherry picker lift can be used to transport items out of an upstairs window.

Moving into a new home is not always possible, so if you don’t have the time to move in immediately, a removal company might be able store your belongings. Compare this with the local self-storage options. A separate removal company should be able take all your items to the storage facility. Find out how to find the best storage company.

Unexpected Removal Company Costs and Penal Charges

Moving day is not always smooth. If things go wrong, you may be charged additional fees by your removal company. This is especially true during the coronavirus pandemic. The government calls on all parties to be flexible during this time and to be ready to delay moves if necessary.

Ask your removals company what happens if someone in the group becomes ill. Before you hire them, make sure to check the fees they may charge.

YouGov recently revealed that 115,000 home moves were delayed each year due to delays in funds arriving on time or sellers taking longer to vacate properties. Unexpectedly, 20,500 home moves were cancelled due to funds not arriving on time.

According to the survey, movers who are part of a property chain are more susceptible to delays. 25% of homeowners who purchase in a chain report cancellations or delays on their moving day.

Homeowners who are subject to delays or cancellations will face more than inconvenience. 26% of the affected suffer from costs on average of £509, while 17% lose more than £1,000.

  • Moving home can be costly.
  • Hourly waiting fees from removal companies
  • Storage fees
  • Cancellation charges for removal companies
  • Hotel/accommodation costs
  • Late completion fees

These costs can vary so be sure to include them in your quote.

If keys are not released in time for your new house, you may be charged a late key fee. This is to cover the additional cost of the removal crew having to wait before they can start unloading at your new home. Many removal companies offer a late key waiver’ that you can purchase to avoid a penalty fee. It costs around £40 to £50, but you can avoid waiting fees of £60 per home plus VAT.

Check the cancellation policy of your moving company. If you cancel last-minute due to issues with your house purchase, you could lose money. Most companies are flexible and will accommodate you.

Do I require removals insurance?

Although insurance may be offered by your removal company, make sure to understand the extent of their protection. You may only be covered for the time your belongings are in transit. You could receive as little as £40 per item, regardless of its actual worth. Make sure to check. For individual items, good firms can offer as much as £10,000 coverage and £50,000 for the entire package.

You should also check whether your insurance policy will be invalidated if the packing is done by you.

While you are certain to want the insurance of your removal company, it is also important that you check whether your home insurance policy covers your belongings when they are being moved by a removalist.

When should we pay the removal company?

It all depends on the removal company. Most firms will require payment in full at least one week in advance of the move. This is a standard practice for all members of British Association of Removers (BAR).

How to reduce your removal costs

Get accurate quotes first. This means you should know how much stuff the removals company will need to move. This is where we can help. Our removal cost calculator allows you to add everything.

Next, get as many quotes as possible. Use our Find a Removal Firm service to get instant quotes from both local and national firms.

Next, invite at least two removal companies to conduct an at-home survey. This will allow them to see your home and the items they will be moving. This will ensure that you get accurate quotes.

Before you hire a removalist, think about the day that you will be moving. The majority of people move houses on Fridays. This means that it’s a busy day for the removal companies and can be very expensive for you. Mondays are also busy. You might be eligible for a discount if you move mid-week. This is because it is a quieter day for the removal company. Tuesday is the most affordable day to move your house.

Be flexible when you book. You might be able negotiate a discount if you are able to fit into the removal company’s schedule by changing your move day, or choosing an early morning or late evening move.

Ask if there are any discounts offered by the removal company. You may be able to get a discount if your status is student, key worker, or member of the armed force.

The next step is to consider how a removal company works. Many companies charge per hour, so if they make it easy for you, you can save money and avoid penalties for overrunning. Make sure you label everything and pack it properly. So that you don’t get in their way, be sure to pack everything.

Do not take furniture with you if it is going to be dismantled.

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