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Discover 9 Hobbies That Highlight Your Work Profile

We all have hobbies that we practice from a very young age in our free time. In general, these hobbies bring us great benefits such as developing personal skills, reducing stress, promoting creativity and promoting self-esteem.

However, these activities not only have advantages on a personal level, but also when getting a job, so it is advisable to include some of them in our resume. According to a study by San Francisco State University, hobbies improve the performance of employees by between 15% and 30%.

What are these hobbies and how do they improve your employability? We will explain it to you below:

Swimming, Cycling or Athletics: These sports, often done individually, will allow employers to see in you a person capable of setting goals and meeting various challenges. In addition, they will reflect the commitment and discipline that characterizes you in your personal life.

Playing Basketball, Soccer or Volleyball: These sports will also be of great help to your CV because they show that you have the ability to work as a team to achieve a goal. In addition, you develop the “peripheral gaze”, which reflects that you are able to anticipate a problem.

Cooking: If you consider yourself crazy to prepare sweet, salty and all kinds of dishes, include it in your CV! This hobby will communicate that you are a detailed, patient, concentrated person, focused on the process, but also on the results of your work, qualities that are highly appreciated in work centers.

Draw and Paint: Many people love pencils, sketchbooks, and canvas to overflow their talents. Your skill in this hobby will show that you are a creative, innovative person capable of generating solutions to various problems. In addition, you will stand out for being thorough and for your freedom to express your opinion.

Read: If you like to discover many stories through books, learn about your career through manuals or find out about the latest news in newspapers or on the web, consider it on your resume too! Reading helps you to develop your understanding, but also to be constantly updated.

Playing A Musical Instrument: If you have a passion for music from a very young age or have learned throughout your growth, it will also be a great help to get a job because recruiters will see you as a persevering, dedicated and responsible person.

Writing: Another of the passions of many people is to take a pencil and paper and translate their ideas into stories or tales. This hobby will help you to show that you are organized, creative and with great qualities to communicate and express your ideas through different means.

Dancing: A lot of people are happy to start a routine of dance steps, an activity that is also highly appreciated at work because it reflects that you are very orderly, constant, coordinated, sociable and self-confident.

Board Games: Chess, ludo, checkers and other fun games that you can share with family or friends, reflect that you are a person with a great capacity for analysis and interpretation. Also, show your ability to strategize and solve problems.

Now you know the meaning conveyed by the hobbies you practice at home or with your friends. Remember that, when applying for a job, you can create a small section in your resume to include them and, in addition, place those that are most related to the job you want to obtain.

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