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Hi my name is Kristina Myers. I’m a creative hobby girl and I love creating things and expressing myself through art and creativity. I also like to experience new things such as different cultures, food and different lifestyles.

I live at my home here in Beaverdam, Virginia and am loving it here. I have a large hobby room in my house that is all for me. I know that I am really lucky to be able to have such facility to express myself. A number of my friends who are also creative don’t have such space and it is much harder for them to do their hobbies.

I moved to Virginia a few years ago. It was around 4 years ago started to look into areas where I could make something that I could sell. I decided to start making candles. I looked into the best way to start this and purchased a kit. I started selling them and they started to sell really well. Since then, I have started making and selling other things where I sell them online. I have also discovered that selling things as an affiliate where I bring in commission for sale that I make for other people is a great way to generate income.

In recent years I plucked up the motivation to write a blog about my hobby skills and how I can turn that into a business. My aim is also to write about other things in life so my blog has become more of a lifestyle blog even though it started out as being a blog about candles. In fact, it has become so broad ranging and diverse, that I have ended up talking about topics such as how to prevent dog theft through to articles about how to get rid of tartar or articles about how to manage finances through to articles about how to look younger.

Please feel free to browse my site. I really hope you get inspired with what I write about

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