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14 Family Activities For Winter

1. Cooking As A Family

The little ones usually enjoy cooking, and it is no wonder! Cooking brings together the best of experiments, playing with dough, getting dirty and nibbling on tasty things! In addition, it can be a good opportunity not only to talk and have fun but also to teach children the importance of eating fruits and vegetables, how to cut with a knife or the imperative need to maintain personal hygiene and in the kitchen! What will you cook with your children today? Here you will find 9 tips for cooking with children.

2. Read Together

A good opportunity to enjoy together is to read a story, so you will encourage your children’s interest in reading, while sharing a new and magical world by their side. What if you reread one of your favorite stories from when you were little with them?

3. Create Stories Together

Hand in hand with our second proposal comes this: how about creating stories with the children? We are not only referring to the stories you create for your little ones’ bedtime, but also to writing a story together, drawing one or simply recreating a story using dolls.

4. Watch A Movie With The Family
And when we say “look”, we mean really looking. It is not worth putting the movie and surfing the internet. The idea is to sit down with the kids, watch the movie and comment on the story, getting interested in their opinions and thoughts about it.

5. Do Sports Together

Relatively recently we talked about the importance of playing sports as a family. As we always say, you are the mirror in which your children look at themselves and if you do sports, they will want to do it too! Find an activity that you can share with your little ones, for example swimming, soccer or riding a bicycle and take the time to do the activity as a family. You will not regret! Both you and your children will play sports and have a great time!

6. Look At Photos

Little ones usually like to look at pictures and if it is with mom and dad, even more so! You can take the opportunity to tell them stories about their grandparents or about you when you were little, you will surely have a great time!

7. Make Crafts As A Family
Put away the cardboard toilet paper tubes and you’ll see how easy it is for the little ones to have fun! If you give them scissors, plastic and colored paper, they will create endless animals and monsters in the blink of an eye! The options are multiple, with a little imagination and the things we have at home, you can create many crafts to do with the little ones: masks, paint pinecones, make origami … On the internet you will find millions of ideas!

8. Board Games

Sit down with your little ones to do a puzzle, to play Monopoly, dominoes or cards and while you chat with them! Board games give you the opportunity not only to teach them rules and concepts, but also to listen to them and chat quietly with them.

9. Dance and Sing!

Dancing and singing are liberating. Put on music and let yourself go. Enjoy the sound and movement. Surely, you will be creating unforgettable memories with your children.

10. Excursions … Even Around The Corner!

Tours don’t have to be expensive and elaborate. A trip to the park to collect pineapples can be a real adventure when enjoying time with Mom and Dad. Create adventures with your children, even if the family outing is the obligatory visit to the supermarket.

11. Draw Two!

Yes, as you read, create a painting with your little one. You draw something and let him continue the drawing. Let your imagination carry us together and when the work is ready, place it in a prominent place in the home!

12. Dress Up And Play

Don’t be afraid of ridicule. Your children will appreciate seeing you play like another child, and you will have a great time! Dress up, run, jump, play with them, without thinking about the obligations or the clock.

13. Play Video Games Together

And yes, we couldn’t stop mentioning video games because kids love them! But our proposal is that you play with them, so you can know what games they like and how much time they spend with the console.

14. Create Gifts

For Christmas or for a birthday, it doesn’t matter. The idea is to share time together, creating something to give to a loved one. What is a nice idea? These are just a few ideas, but we are sure that you already have more options in mind! No matter what you decide to share with your child, the most important thing is to share it together!

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