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8″ tapers Organic Natrual Beeswax


See larger image 100% Beeswax Honeycomb Candles - One Pair of 8" Tapers - Natural Wax - Organic - with Free upgrade to Expedited Shipping () List Price: $9.99 USD New From: $4.99 In Stock Tapers candles provide a sense of nostalgia from older days because they are handrolled. Made with 100% natural beeswax,...

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Why Organic Candles

Conventional wax candles are made from petroleum-derived paraffin and also contain additives to prevent color loss and aid in the scent. Some conventional candles use wicks that are lead based. All these emit toxins into the air you breath.

Organic candles are much healthier, they burn cleaner and emit very little soot. By using natural ingredients such as Soy, Beeswax or Palm Wax, you'll breath a little easier knowing you are not poising the air you breath.