Vanilla Bean Wax Melts


See larger image Vanilla Bean Wax Melt () These wax melts have a wonderful fresh vanilla bean scent that will warm your soul. The natural and organic soy wax melts will last up to 15 hours, filling your room with a pleasant aroma. The company, Soy Organic Candles, provides top quality organic candles.

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Organic Aromatherapy Soy Wax Melts – Autumn Spice


Purist Aroma’s line of wax melts are all natural and organic soy. This package contains 6 break away melts scented with a warm Autumn Spice aroma. The aromatherapy melts will create a calming atmosphere and meditative state. The Autumn Spice scent contains organic essential...

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Organic Aromatherapy Soy Wax Melts – Lemon Mint Spritz


Purist Aroma’s line of wax melts are all 100% natural and organic. This package contains 5 leaf shaped melts scented with a peppy Lemon Mint Spritz aroma. The lighter aromatherapy scented melts will help with memory loss and create a general calming feeling. The...

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Cozy Scented 3×4 Palm Wax Pillar – Red Currant & Jasmine


The commanding 3×4 Pillar made of 100% Organic RSPO certified Palm Wax. Cozy scent is a blend of Jasmine and Red Currant which will give off a warm soothing...

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Milk Bottle Jar Candle Organic Beeswax


See larger image Milk Bottle Jar Candle Made in the USA is an Organic Beeswax Candle Fireside (Kitchen) New From: $10.00 In Stock The Milkhouse Creamery company offers many...

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I Am√ČBlessed Candle


See larger image defineme LOVED mug () I AmEBlessed candle is made from organic soy wax which is hand poured. Pure Designs for Living uses a unique blend of...

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Why Organic Candles

Conventional wax candles are made from petroleum-derived paraffin and also contain additives to prevent color loss and aid in the scent. Some conventional candles use wicks that are lead based. All these emit toxins into the air you breath.

Organic candles are much healthier, they burn cleaner and emit very little soot. By using natural ingredients such as Soy, Beeswax or Palm Wax, you'll breath a little easier knowing you are not poising the air you breath.